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Our consultant network includes managers and independent professionals with vast experience and qualifications. Situated in the key european french-speaking countries like Belgium, France and Switzerland, we understand the local business mentality and culture,the laws and moreover we have various commercial contacts . If you are planning foreign market development we can be your perfect partner.



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You are a dynamic and successful company that is searching to develop its activities abroad?
We offer you our wide range of services that can help you to expand your customer base into different european French-speaking countries. We assure quality solutions, within budget to meet your requirements.

Market research & analysis

We analyse the attractiveness and dynamics of a targeted market within the industry of interest. We assess its opportunities and potential so we can help you to determine you investment decisions and strategy.

Competitors profiling

Based on the researches made and as part of your marketing strategy, we develop a complete profile of your competitors by identifying their products or services, supply chains, pricing and marketing tactics.

Sales Prospecting

In order to possition on the market your products and services, we look for you reliable local wholesalers and sales representatives. The purpose is to create interest and convert that interest into purchases.

Commercial optimization

Choose and use the best software solutions that will help you to optimize your sales management abroad. We can offer you telephony solutions, merchant server, Projact and Task Management and Customer Relationship Management.

Professional Design

Commercial video, PowerPoint presentatios, interactive digital publications, have a professionally designed complete panel of advertising materials, done to fit the taste of your future French-speaking customers.


Collaborating with our native french speakers will guarantee you correct and relevant translation and adaptation of your website, mobile applications, documentation, advertising and prospecting materials.

CRM System

We offer you a Customer Relationship Management System that is suitable for SMEs, self-employed, entrepreneurs and associations. Totally modular, multilingual and able to work with multiple currencies. It adapts to all your needs to manage your business.

Our Featured Experts


Since it was created, our company has constantly evolved and improved to handle your needs related with the export. More than just a service provider, we become a privileged partner in your market conquest. We always seek to develop our work together in a long-term partnership.

Abroad Consulting?

We have very flexible and efficient structure, that allows us to operates on very broad and diversified business domains. From large industrial group of international dimension to more modest brands or SMEs.

Having more than 25 years of business experience at the French-speaking market, university degrees and managing different kind of companies, our team of consultants can help you to develop successfully your products and services abroad.

Our success is based on well organised marketing campaign. Marketing analysis and research and competitors profiling are part of the necessary market assessment. Furthermore, to present you properly, we offer you our complate panel of advertising services, whose design is done to fit the taste of your future French-speaking customers.

Our mother tongue is French, which allowes us to communicate flowlessly and manage companies in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Madagascar during numerous years. In order to develop international connections, we are equally able to speak, read and write in English, Spanish, Bulgarian and Russian.


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